Each customer placing an order on MasterGrades.com accepts all of the following terms and conditions:

Use Of Product

The copyrights that the client receives are exclusively for the final draft that he or she approves, meaning the end product. Any intermediary steps such as early drafts or other writing samples are owned by the company and cannot be presented as your work.

Customer Contact

Customers are fully responsible for the contact information provided. The company cannot be held responsible for delays or even the failure of delivering the product if they happen as a result of inaccurate contact information.

Cancellation Of An Order

We provide the customers with the option of cancelling an order, no matter what the reason. There could be none mentioned, in fact. In order to keep things fair for our writers, the following conditions apply:

  • The refund received will be calculated based upon the work done up to the time of cancellation. If one of our writers has already started working on the paper cancelled, the amount of work done will be paid from the full refund amount, with the rest going back to the customer. This is necessary in order to avoid having writers receive no compensation for their effort.
  • Refunds can be used to pay for future orders. It is up to the customer if he or she keeps the sum for other purposes or requests a new paper instead.

Use Of Resources

Our writers have the responsibility of using the most relevant and complete resources that can be found regarding the topic of a paper. However, certain assignments will require the use of specific materials that may not be accessible to our writers. There are two options in cases like these:

  • The required material can be uploaded on your account page. The assigned writer will then use the resources to complete the order according to the demands.
  • If the material is not easily accessible, you can pay an additional charge that will cover the costs of obtaining the required information. These vary with each case. For example, some materials will only be available in book form or subscription to certain websites, something that we expect you to provide the funds for.

If you are unable to provide the required materials or resources in a timely manner, MasterGrades.com cannot be considered responsible for the resulting delays.

Providing All Necessary Information Regarding The Order

The client is responsible for providing all the necessary information regarding the order. The form must be filled appropriately, providing both the mandatory and additional details that would best describe your situation. Our writers will be quick to contact you if they have questions that will help in their work. You have the responsibility of answering and providing the necessary details in a timely manner. Delays following a late response or no response at all regarding critical aspects of the paper will not be considered the company’s fault.

All papers are checked for plagiarism

We are confident in both the writing abilities and the honesty of our employees. However, in order to have an objective approach, we do check to make sure that every single paper is completely original. We scan each piece of work using specialized anti-plagiarism software and only send it if it passes the test. If you still manage to find instances of plagiarism, we will do all the necessary revisions. Both these measures are included with any order, free of charge. We are completely committed to fair services.

Technology Issues

MasterGrades.com cannot be held responsible for any technical failures that strictly affect the individual placing an order or any of the problems that arise as a result. For example, an unstable Internet connection on the customer side can lead to poor communication and, ultimately, delays due to the failure of providing crucial information in time.


MasterGrades.com is allowed to charge your credit card the amount agreed upon for an order. Our prices are clear and present no hidden fees. Payment security is ensured using third parties that are standard for online businesses. We guarantee that your payment details will be safe following every order placed on our website.

Delivery Delays

It is our obligation to respect the deadline set, but we are only responsible for things that we have control over. Here are a few situations when our company cannot be held responsible for delays:

  • Your required personal information is incomplete, and you do not respond promptly to our attempts of fixing the issue. In some cases, such as when card information is wrong, work cannot start in time.
  • You do not respond in a timely manner (if at all) to the writer’s questions.
  • You decide to make significant changes compared to your initial requests, making the original deadline impossible to achieve.

Customer Support Department

Our customer support department is available 24/7 and ready to answer all questions regarding our services. Any requests regarding your paper are to be made either here or when communicating with our writers. We guarantee the staff to be well trained for the job.

Binding Laws

You are obligated to follow local laws regarding the use of academic writing services and online purchases. We are only responsible for our own actions.

Privacy Policy

At MasterGrades.com, we place high value on customer privacy. We guarantee that we never reveal personal information to external parties – the discretion that so many students desire can be fully experienced here.

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