Money Back Guarantee

At, we place the customer first and do everything that we ourselves like to see in other markets. This is the exact reason why we offer refunds if you decide we did not fulfil our obligations.

We can only afford to do so due to our complete confidence in our abilities and the positive impression that we leave on customers – most of which return to order more. We know that a bad experience is so rare with us that we can afford to offer the best cover for those situations.

However, you should keep in mind that the money back guarantee applies only to conditions where a clear fault of our own can be found (and we will admit when they do happen, nobody is perfect after all). The amount also varies depending on various factors. We like to be fair, but it is important to realize that full refunds are not always possible. For example, some customers may change their mind for no fault of our own and cancel an order that already had work put into. This leads to losses on our part, both financial and in terms of time invested.

Here are the situations where full refunds are provided

1. No writer available

As much as we would like to offer our services to everyone, there are rare cases when there is no writer available for a task. Whether it happens due to a busy period or writers having days off, the customer will be promptly informed. While we do have a large team and manage our schedule in a way that will always leave enough people available, there are things you simply cannot predict. provides full refunds in these cases.

2. There was a writer assigned, but you decided to cancel the order

If you cancel after a writer has already been assigned, the refund amount would be 70%. Assigning a writer involves analysing order requests, finding the best candidates for the job, managing schedules – all these take time that could be put towards projects that could be finished. Therefore, 30% of the sum is used to cover for the efforts made.

3. You decided to cancel the order when the work has over halfway done

The most we can refund in situations like these is 50%. Again, the company and writer cannot work and receive nothing in return. This is why we need to keep part of the sum; it’s important to avoid a lot of problems in the long run.

4. Late delivery

These only happen in case the writer has an emergency. The amount refunded depends on several factors (delay amount, paper size, original deadline among others) and will generally be agreed upon with each customer.

The vast majority of papers, however, arrive in time as long as there are no factors outside the company’s control. For example, late sharing of crucial materials by the customer is not our responsibility and, therefore, will not result in a refund.

5. Disputed claims

If the client demands a refund as a result of lack of satisfaction with the company, an investigation will be done in order to see if there are clear faults to be found with the services. We aim to satisfy all our customers, with no exception, so we make our best efforts to find a fair solution in all cases.

6. Placing an (additional) order by mistake

If you place an order by mistake, contact and cancel it as soon as possible. A full refund will be promptly provided if the cancellation happens before a writer is assigned. If it happens afterwards, however, our regular 70% refund policy will apply for the reasons mentioned above.

7. Plagiarized content

We are very dedicated to making 100% original papers but, to keep everyone safe, we do check every paper using specialized software before delivering it. If you discover that a paper is plagiarized, you will need to fill our dedicated report in order to get a refund or, if desired, receive a free revision that will eliminate the issues.

This is when refunds do not apply:

1. You receive a lower grade than expected. While we take pride in the quality of our papers, it should be noted that high grades cannot be realistically guaranteed by us nor by anyone else on the market. A great paper certainly increases the chance that you will get a good grade, but there are too many factors involved to promise that it will definitely happen. Each teacher may have his or her own grading procedure.

2. Delays caused by the customer. Refunds cannot be made as a result of a delay that is not the company’s fault. This can mean late payment, late or no response from the customer regarding critical information and others along the same lines. The “disputed claims” can still apply if the client decides he or she is not happy with how the situation is approached, case in which the regular investigation will take place.

Important: Revision deadlines are not included in the regular delay refunds, seeing how the dates are different.

Free revisions

The customer has the right to ask for a free revision if he or she is not satisfied with a paper. A different writer can be chosen, but a partial refund can also be requested. The customer has to bring a written argument with strong proof that the services provided were below those advertised. Examples regarding his or her own version of the writing may be requested. Our dispute department will then use this information to make a fair decision. The customer has to respond to our request in no longer than three days in order to be eligible for an investigation and, depending on the conclusion, a refund. If the customer desires a refund after the final version has been accepted, we recommend talking to the Support Department for details.

Refund transaction

Refunds will usually be processed within 5 business days starting from the approval date. The company cannot be held responsible for any payment inconveniences (fees or delays) occurring due to third parties such as Banks or online payment systems.

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