Privacy Policy

Before placing an order on, it is recommended that you pay close attention to the clauses mentioned in this Privacy Policy. Our goal is to protect the privacy of our customer, which is why we want you to be aware of the information that we collect when you access our website. There is a portion of information that is obligatory for us to collect, which is why we made the following rules visible to all of our customers.

Collected Information

When a potential customer accesses, we gather two types of information:

  • Aggregate and anonymous: which includes anonymous data such as accessed pages, time spent on that page and other information from the browser. We may also make use of your browser’s cookies, and the received data will be used to improve your experience with further.
  • Personal Information: Once a customer creates an account on our website, we will require certain personal information such as name and e-mail. That information will be stored through firewalls and encryptions, allowing other users to see the information that you make public. However, any public information that you decide to share will no longer be protected. Should you notice any changes in your account, you are encouraged to let us know immediately.

The reason why we collect both types of information is to record the preferences of every customer. This way, can attend to your needs quickly and more efficiently, taking your experience with our website into account. We may receive useful feedback that we will further decide to use on your orders or contact you for extra information that we deem necessary. Customers are encouraged to provide us with their phone numbers or e-mail address so that we can contact them immediately in the event of an emergency.

Information Security

All of the received information will be stored and encrypted safely on our server. We offer close attention to the problem of personal informational security, which is why we did our best to provide you with the most reliable protection systems. The private and general data that we obtained from our customers are both protected by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system. In order to process your payment, we will use only make use of a verified payment processor. None of our customer’s personal information will be stored in the payment processor, which is why your purchase from will be private.

Sharing Your Information with Third Parties

As a rule, we offer 100% protection of your personal information and we will not share anything with third parties unless we are requested by the law or we receive your consent. The access to our database will only be given to the authorized staff that is in charge of processing your order.

We will also share your profile information with third parties if we believe they possess information you may consider useful. We will not disclose anything that you haven’t already made public. There are certain circumstances where we may have to share your personal information, such as the following:

  • You purchase something from our website, in which case, your financial information will be shared with a secured third-party processor. will not have access to that information.
  • If we are requested by legal authorities to provide your information, we will be cooperative and provide it. also holds the rights to contact the authorities if we suspect that you have violated the clauses previously outlined in our Terms and Conditions Policy.
  • Should we transfer the ownership of to another person or company, your information will also be part of the transferred items. In the event of such an ownership change, you will be notified beforehand so that you can close your account and delete your information, should you not want your personal details shared.

We have the rights to disclose any information that is non-personal for arranging surveys or marketing purposes.

Age Requirements

We do not allow people under the age of 13 to create an account on our website. Should we discover that a person under this age is a user of our website or if we receive reports regarding the matter, we will immediately proceed to shut down the account. Unless we receive proof that the person is indeed over 13 years old, we will block any further attempts at accessing their account. Therefore, the age requirements for are the following:

  • Under Age 13: Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from becoming users on our website.
  • Age 13-18: Should we receive parental permission, anyone over the age of 13 can set an account on We will only receive and share your personal information provided we receive permission beforehand from your guardian.
  • Over Age 18: Anyone aged 18 and above can register on our website without having to obtain further permission. Once registered, they will have offered their information at their own risk.

Our services are performed according to the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) standards.

Content Posted by Users

The content made public by the user is considered public, and is, therefore, not protected. Users may access their privacy settings to limit public access, but we cannot guarantee that those settings are 100% foolproof. We will not be held responsible if an unauthorized person has access to your “private” content or if it has been obtained by other World Wide Web users. You may choose to remove the content you made public on your account page; however, we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% deleted, in the case that other users have already shared or published it elsewhere.

All users will agree that they have read both our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages. Failing to read these pages will not relieve customers of having to comply with the rules. We will notify users of any changes we have made to this Privacy Policy on our page, and users will become bound by them once they become public.


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