EDSA Summer Camp Dubrovnik

Posted: October 10, 2016

EDSA Summer Camp Dubrovnik

I express the strong desire to participate in this year’s EDSA Summer Camp Dubrovnik. I am a fifth-year dental student in a reputable institution expecting to graduate next year. I have a strong academic and social background that inspires me to attend and share the experiences with fellow students from diverse backgrounds. Nonetheless, my busy schedule encompassing the coursework and the clerkship has hindered me from participating in similar events in the past. Nevertheless, this year is different because I am doing my last clerkship and the summer camp shall commence immediately after the assignment. Hence, I will be available to attend, interact, and create a network with the different professional from diverse regions.

The summer camp has an excellent reputation of bringing dental students from many locations and offers the most worthwhile practice. I have admired the order and the experiences that international students mention after every annual session. Therefore, I seek an opportunity to join the large team and epitomize the mission of creating a global community of students to share contacts and professional ideas. Besides, after a long schedule of academic work, the summer camp shall offer me a fulfilling environment to relax and learn from other participants. Besides, the summer camp integrates and promotes bonding of students from the various institutions and the regions. Therefore, I cherish the opportunity to join the network. The programs shall not only enable me to experience the cultural richness of the world, but I will also appreciate the diversity. Hence, I cherish the opportunity as a mechanism for promoting cultural exchange, tolerance, and the international coherence. Furthermore, I am I anticipate gaining extra knowledge regarding the dental care concerns and the future of dentistry. Since I aspire to work in the complex societies, the camp shall also enable to familiarize with a different ecological region particularly Dubrovnik. I also wish to participate in the summer camp to sharpen my academic and professional concepts of multicultural, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary dental healthcare frameworks that are applicable in a global spectrum.

At the camp, I envision to contribute my knowledge and work experiences including the challenges and opportunities for dental students. Since I am expecting to graduate next year, I have vast experiences in the work environment. However, contributing and sharing with comrades shall set me apart in the career development process. Furthermore, the camp shall offer me the platform to exhibit the interpersonal skills like communication and negotiation skills by engaging in the discussions and presentations. The profession also requires that dentists learn the different persuasion and technologies for enhancing the efficiency. Hence, I will explain the concepts that I have learned regarding the practice management and clinical technologies. In addition, the opportunity shall also enable to acquire the particular challenges to healthcare provision and technology adaptation in the various nations. I am particularly interested in the aspect of the adoption of technology for promotion of health services because I am of the opinion that it shall enable the realization of the sustainable development goals. I also envision providing aid services in future in the remote regions of the world especially the developing nations. Thus, the camp shall enable me to familiarize with the cultural, economic, political and the financial aspects of these regions. Overall, I aim to enhance my network of professional friends and share ideas concerning the improvement of the status of dental healthcare.

Kindly grant me an opportunity because I also intend to use the learned skills when I commence the professional career. I shall also portray exemplary attributes, promote the team multiplicity, and contribute to the technology transfer.  

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